From ankle sprains to vertigo, Whangamatā Physiotherapy is the place to go for any aches, pains or body dysfunction*. Extended appointment times are available at Whangamatā Physiotherapy to enable clients to leave the clinic feeling confident that questions have been answered and they are on the fastest, safest route to achieving their clear, individualised goals. 

Longer appointment times also enable your therapist to question deeper into what is going on at a more root level cause. This may lead to a more accurate diagnosis, reduced time and cost in reaching clients goals. Alongside, perhaps most importantly, a reduction in the risk of re-injury.   

Comprehensive treatment plans are designed and applied (with consent). Treatment may include exercise prescription, education and advise, hands on treatment, dry needling, taping, lymphatic drainage, referrals to other health professionals including surgeons, referrals for x-ray (performed locally) and ultrasound. Please note that Physiotherapists are unable to prescribe medication or refer for a CT or MRI.

Physiotherapy as a profession continues to evolve, however the fundamental basis of movement being medicine remains. All Physiotherapists work every year to keep up to date with these changes.  

*If you are not sure whether Physiotherapy is the right option for you, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email. 

Physiotherapy to get you moving again
Don't delay concussion treatment

Concussion Treatment

A mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is more commonly known as a concussion. Symptoms can be numerous, severe, frustrating, and confusing. Symptoms can be delayed up to 48 hours and loss of consciousness is present in approximately 10% of cases.  Post mTBI symptoms can often settle on their own within a couple of weeks, with up to 90% healing within 30 days. Unfortunately some go on to experience prolonged symptoms for months following injury.

Whangamatā Physiotherapy will assess, treat, and refer you on to other health providers such as an Occupational therapist, Psychologist, Neurologist or Ophthalmologist as needed. The best time to book an appointment with Tracey is within the first seven days of a head injury*. Get back to what you love as soon and as safely as possible!

Ask Tracey or your GP about ACC Concussion Services and if you are in doubt, get checked out.

*Please see your GP first following any head injury and call 111 if it is an emergency.

Don't delay concussion treatment

Fatigue Management

Suffering from fatigue? Not just day to day tiredness but debilitating fatigue which is often accompanied by a raft of other symptoms such as headaches, body aches, unrefreshing sleep, sore throats and brain fog? Friends, whānau, teachers, coaches and colleagues often struggle to understand what is going on and fatigue, from the outside is often viewed as lazy which can exacerbate stress levels all round. It is often made worse by trying to ‘just push through it’. Thoughts and emotions of shame, guilt and inadequacy surrounding it for the individual can be overwhelming. Fatigue has a vast number of causes including post viral illness, brain injuries and grief. It can be constant and unrelenting or intermittent and unpredictable.

Fatigue related conditions are often difficult or unable to be diagnosed and people can be left to their own devices to self manage without a formal diagnosis, support or options for treatment. Regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or not, are young or old, or if you have been living with fatigue for a week or 20 years; Tracey at Whangamatā Physiotherapy is passionate about helping people like you towards a more optimal level of health. Tracey has firsthand experience of living with and managing chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) after contracting dengue fever in 2015. She understands how lonely and defeated it can feel living with fatigue from day to day.  

learn how to manage fatigue

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